Want to stand out from the crowd in your industry? Spend time thinking about how you take care of your customers.

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising. ~Jim Rohn

How to be great at customer service

Care About Your Customers. 

There is no faking this one. You have to really care about the experience of your customers interacting with your company. As the old saying goes. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. One of the most powerful ways to show you care is to really listen to your customers.

Customer Service is Marketing

Customer service is not a cost center. It is can be directly tied to revenue if that is what you are looking for. viewing customer service as marketing means that any money invested into customer service should show a positive return on that investment. A 10% increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of the company. (Bain & Co)

Know What Your Customers Want and Need

Track your customer’s experiences as they interact with your company. surveys, focus groups, customer advisory boards and picking up the phone to talk to your customers are all good ways to find out what customers expect from you. Most small to medium sized business don’t have a system in place to get this type of feedback consistently.

Response Time is Not All That Matters

According to Gallup customers who experience speedy service are more engaged than those who did not. This is surpassed however by those who experienced “empathic” caring support. Often it is easier to measure response times than overall customer happiness. Don’t fall into the trap of only looking at the metrics that are easy to measure.

Opportunities in Fixing Mistakes

Even in the best of organizations mistakes happen. How you respond to mistakes can have a huge impact on your brand, company, and even profits. Every mistake offers a valuable learning opportunity to help make sure it doesn’t happen again. Each mistake is also always a way to demonstrate to the client how much you care and how important they are to you. How you take care of them even if the mistake is not completely your fault shows the client that you have their back and they will come back to you over and over again and tell their friends.

Service is a Byproduct of Culture

Companies who value employees will produce employees that value customers. Employees must feel valued, trusted, empowered and secure in order to put customers first. If not survival instincts will kick in and customers will feel it.

Don’t Look At What Your Competitors are Doing

Many companies base what they do on what others in their industry are doing. I have seen this with how pricing is set, how they market themselves, and how customer service is performed. The sad truth is that most companies do a poor job at customer service. Just deciding that customer service matters and executing on that will set you apart and improve your bottom line.

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