Permission To Suck and Getting Started

The right time to start something is always right now. Even if you know you are not ready you can start getting ready right now. You may suck at whatever it is you start doing. We all suck at first. Today is for getting started. Do it now. The time will pass weather you start today or do nothing.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. It’s the way we learn. We have to be willing to risk looking stupid. We have to be willing to risk others thinking poorly of us. This is the price we have to pay.

It’s OK to suck at first. The outcome of our actions are never in our control anyway. Even when you put in the time and the practice and feel you are “ready” for the challenge it does not guarantee the results you are looking for. The only guarantee in life is that there is no guarantee of anything.  So do it anyway even if you suck.

Take 100% responsibility. For everything that you do and everything that happens to you. This is not a contradiction of my point above. We need to be able to live with the fact that a single outcome is never completely within our control but we can control our perspective on the that outcome. If we ACT AS IF the outcome is in our control while being OK with the fact that it is not we gain a tremendous amount of leverage. This is what moves us out of blame, excuses and victim-hood and instead helps us recognize we always have the power to make things different no matter how they look.

So it is time to get started. Even if you don’t feel ready. You have my permission to suck at whatever you do at first. Just keep going.