Stop Trying and Start Doing

If you want to set yourself up for failure just try a lot.

Trying to do something is one of the worst ways to go about getting something accomplished.

Let me explain. You either do something or you don’t. If I say I am going to try to grow my business by 20% this year I am subconsciously telling myself that it may not happen. Oh well, at least I tried. Contrast this with the statement, “I will grow my business by 20% this year.” This is more definite. It is a commitment. Our brains will interpret this as a command to get creative and figure out a way to make it happen. When we just “try” to do something we can’t access our innate resourcefulness.

To take this concept one step further, anytime you are going for an external result like growing your business by 20% or doing something brand new there is always a chance that you may not achieve your goal. This is just life. Things don’t always turn out the way we want. This can be scary to our self esteem. What if we fail? What if I don’t grow my business by 20% this year? What will people think of me? Using the word “try” is an attempt to protect our self esteem at the cost of giving up our creativity. We are declaring circumstance is more powerful than we are and this is just not true!

Nothing can stand in the way of perseverance and creativity. Things may not happen in the way we imagined or on our timeline but I know success is inevitable if we put in the work, use our creativity, and don’t stop.

State you will grow your business by 20% this year or whatever your goal is. At least state it to yourself. Write it down. Once you have done this then focus on the things that will make that goal a reality that you can control. This allows you to eliminate trying. It also shows your brain you are serious and it will help you find a way to make it happen. That is what our brains do!

Make a commitment to stop trying and DO the things you can control every day and the results will take care of themselves.